Web Design Process

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Whether you’re an individual or a web design firm seeking my services my web design process is the same,  professional and custom tailored to each client. The "look and feel" of each  site is as unique as the products and services offered by each WBW client. No "cookie cutter" design techniques are used here.

I follow a five-step design process to ensure fast, professional results.

Define your site! The first step in creating a winning web site is defining a target audience and holding their attention with carefully selected content.

Structure is the framework that holds pieces of content together. A well thought out structure ensures that information is presented in a logical and organized manner.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Proper use of graphic images on a site makes it more interesting and appealing, and conveys information more easily visualized.

Layout defines the placement of text and graphics on a web page. It determines how the pages looks and how information flows.

Once the site is finished, it's given a memorable address, placed on a web server, and registered with internet cataloging and search services.

Step 1- Definition ===>