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PLAN of North Texas, Inc.
Hayden Consultants, Inc.
Flamestop, Inc.
Hitachi Data Systems
UICI (insurance company)
ProACTive Information Solutions
NorthStar Study Guides, Inc.
The New Class-Five, Inc.
Addison Homes
Sales-Academy Inc.
Structel International, Inc.
Lee & Baldauf Engineering Consulting
S.C.O.R.E. (Dallas Chapter 22)
Chemguard, Inc.
Focus Forward, Inc.
Eyecare Practice Sales, Inc. 
Datum Engineers, Inc.
Security Stars, Inc.
Custom Modular Systems, Inc.
Kelsey Tyson (motivational speaker)
GRT Productions & Consulting
Just for the Kids 

ERP Stars, Inc.
Freeman & Co, Inc.
Marion Godlewski (Artist)
Hartmann Travel, Inc.
PowerTec Solutions, Inc.
Plano Repertory Theatre
Wellness International
Intrusion Inc.
General Surgery Practice of NJ
Fidelity Factors, Inc.
W&D Boilers, Inc.
Leads Unlimited
HPA Design Group
National Center for Educational
       Accountability, Inc.
Virtual Trade Link, Inc.